Trade show

Various prospects emerge while rearranging business collaboration with vertical and cross-sector exchange, giving birth to brand-new opportunities. Through various exhibitions, connections and business matching trade shows, expand the marketing territory of your brand and network!


Trade Show

The Business-Matching Trade Show is a major core component of the innovative conference. This year, we have invited various industries including biomedicine, music, education, cosmetics & hairdressing, and technology & future commerce to join together. In addition to exchange and business matching among people of the same field, networking between different industries to spark new ideas is also one of our goals.

For many people, getting to know friends from different fields through the conference, forging new business models, cross-industry collaboration, and brand chaining are the most important values of innovation.

In this era of explosive data growth, there are many unprecedented business models. Since people from different generations tend to construct completely different business philosophies, the trade shows for business matching will allow for the emergence of mutual learning and development opportunities. Break through your own limitations and re-consider/re-construct your views of the world while grasping the current trends and future of the market!


Cooperative Partners

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