Welcome to the “雜學創新大會網站” (hereafter referred to as “this Website”). To ensure the protection of your rights, we have formulated the privacy policy for this Website as follows, so that you may utilize the various services and information with a sense of ease and security. Please read the following policy items carefully:

I. Applicable Scope

  • The “Privacy Policy” statement of this Website is applicable to the collection, processing, and utilization of personal data as you access various services and functions provided by this Website, (e.g. when you register membership on this Website, subscribe to the electronic newsletter, and more), or when you make inquiries or recommendations (for this Website, or the sites of various departments of this Website) via phone, fax, or the feedback mailbox on this Website .

  • In the event a user reaches an independently operated third-party website through links on this Website, the protection of their personal data is governed by the privacy policy of said third-party website. This Website does not bear any joint responsibility for privacy issues or management personnel of third-party websites not affiliated with this Website.

II. Method of Personal Data Collection, Processing and Utilization

  • When you visit this Website or utilize the functions or services provided by this Website, we will ask you to provide all necessary personal data depending on the service functionalities, and process/use your personal data within the scope of its designated purposes. This Website will not use your personal data for any other purposes without your written permission.
  • When you use the service email mailbox or access any interactive questionnaire functions, the Website will preserve the information you provide, including name, email address, contact information, and usage of time.
  • To achieve better precision in our services, we perform statistical analysis on the content of questionnaires collected. In addition to usage for the purpose of internal research, the statistical data or textual description of the analysis results may be publicized as necessary. However, no personal data will be revealed in any case.

III. Data Protection

  • The server for this Website is set up with firewalls, anti-virus systems, as well as various cybersecurity equipment and necessary security safeguarding measures, protecting the Website and your personal data with the strictest measures. Only authorized personnel are allowed to handle your personal data. All personnel responsible for data processing have signed a confidentiality agreement, and are subject to legal penalties in the event of confidentiality violations.
  • When it becomes necessary to commission other units to provide services, this Website shall enforce the same standards by requesting adherence to the confidentiality agreement, and performing necessary procedural reviews to ensure full compliance.

IV. Links to Related External Websites

Some pages on this Website contain links to other sites. Clicking these links on this Website will take you directly to third-party sites. However, the privacy protection policy of this Website does not apply to these other sites. You may want to refer the privacy protection policy of these third-party sites individually.

V. Policy on the Sharing of Personal Data with Third Parties

This Website will not provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public institutions, with the exception of those with a legal basis or any contractual obligation.

The above situations of exception include, but are not limited to the following

  • With your written consent
  • Clear legal stipulations
  • In cooperation with the legal investigations of any judicial institutions
  • In cooperation with investigations or use by the competent authority in accordance with its authority or duties (such as auditing conducted by audit departments or accountants)
  • When your behavior on this Website violates our terms of services or could possibly lead to losses or disruptions of the rights of other users of this Website, or could become the cause of other people’s losses, the research, analysis and disclosure of your personal data by the management of this Website is for the purpose of identification, contact or legal actions as necessary.
  • This Website is fulfilling its obligation to provide personal data in accordance with outsourcing contractual relations.

VI. The Use of Cookies

To provide you with the highest level of service, this Website stores and uses cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to accept the installment of our cookies, you may set the level of privacy to “High” in the Internet browser that you use. However, please note that some features on this Website may not function properly after doing so.

VII. Server Logs

When you access this Website through a browser, an application, or other clients, our servers will automatically record specific technical data. These server logs may include information such as your web page requests, Internet protocol address, browser type, browser language, and the date and time of request. The server log may only be used as reference for server management purposes. This Website will not use the server log to conduct analysis on “individual” Website visitors.

VIII. Privacy Protection Policy Revisions

The Privacy Policy of this Website shall be revised at any time as necessary. The revised terms shall be posted on this Website.


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