ZASHARE 2021 Annual Theme


There are moments in life when fantastic ideas appear out of thin air, exceeding the boundaries of all your consciousness and cognitive awareness, creatively resolving difficult life challenges, and even guiding you to the entrance of another universe. Just like the moment when an ecstatic Archimedes jumped out of his bathtub after discovering the principle of buoyancy and ran around naked through the city streets while shouting “EUREKA! EUREKA!”, sometimes the growth and advancement we have been chasing after fall straight into our laps, as we replace previous notions with new insights capable of transforming an era.

“Originating from an interjection in Greece, Eureka is an expression of excitement describing a sudden “discovery” of a certain matter or truth. The Chinese translation “spiritual light” is a deliberate response to Walter Benjamin’s “Aura”, particularly in this rapidly disappearing era.”

As the ongoing pandemic accelerates radical change throughout the world, the experience human beings rely on have been quickly overturned. In addition to quickly searching for next opportunities for growth and solutions, we should also look ahead and pay attention to the value of “being human”. Perhaps it would be possible to create more eureka moments in real life if we break free of existing thought processes and surroundings, and create an unprecedented interdisciplinary experiential gathering of exchanges based on a people-oriented cultural standpoint. It would create opportunities to elevate the spiritual awareness, consciousness, and imagination of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, so that they may experience unparalleled discoveries and learn from innovators across different fields as well as connecting with them.

This year, ZASHARE will be shedding the old shell it has worn for the past seven years, and upgrading to the level of a global creative and innovative conference. In addition to the original focus of atypical social and educational innovations, this year’s conference will be based on the core concept of “Creativity x Business x Interdisciplinary x Culture”. Reformers representing different professional sectors and industries will be invited to participate and grow together from the bottom up. ZAShare will provide various cross-sector OMO exchange opportunities including interdisciplinary forums on international trends, business matching, diverse exhibitions, music festivals, cultural performances and activities, with the purpose of establishing an international convention and exhibition in Taiwan. The mission of ZAshare is to assist creative reformers to achieve their goals, in hopes of maximizing the impact to accelerate individual and social change.

As the island with the most important collisions of cultural tectonic plates in Asia, Taiwan enjoys the most liberal and democratic system, innovative technology industries the whole world relies on, as well as a creative civic society with diverse cultural innovation. Knowledge and industrial innovation are all for the betterment of the real world, so the ZAshare Innovation Conference considers not only how to explore better solutions for improving the lives of the 23 million people in Taiwan, but also attempts to find the next possibility for Taiwan to make a positive impact on the world.

This year happens to be the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Taiwanese Cultural Association, and the 50th anniversary of Taiwan’s withdrawal from the United Nations. It also happens to be the year Taiwan has attracted the most global attention. Thus, it is time to use a “new methodology” to invite the world to observe our “cultural self-confidence” and various “diverse innovative values”. We would also like to invite each of you to join us and experience this “spiritual and cognitive celebration” on our land!

“Eureka may last only an instant, but it may be bright enough to illuminate a millennium.”

ZASHARE Asia Innovative & Creative Conference

Chief Conference Organizer Ozzie Su


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