Gathering various experiential exhibitions of social innovation, creativity, culture and art, we hope to help the public expand their imaginations, and explore their individual passions and missions through performances, exchange, and contemplation, creating an innovative new social network of collaborative learning.



With education, culture, creativity, new media, and social innovation as the focus, and under the risks and restrictions brought by the pandemic, many of our partners have been saving their energy, preparing to re-open their connections and imaginations with the public. Learning will naturally occur when people of different disciplines are brought together. This year, the focus of our exploration is “The Real World” of each individual. With different backgrounds and life experiences, everyone’s real world also appears differently. By allowing people of different life experiences to exchange and network, the resulting energy will be unparalleled. Perhaps you will get to know new partners, or learn a new skill, or even come up with ideas you never thought of before.

ZA SHARE wants to build a platform that is full of surprises, passion, and interactions. Invitations have been extended to people of different fields to inspire, learn, and influence each other, while allowing social reforms to emerge for a better world in the future! Come and join this grand learning festival in 2021!


Cooperative Partners

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