The more curiosity and exploration, the more learning and self-reflection. In order to contribute to an interesting topic, or view an international subject with a broader perspective, it’s important to understand the present context, look at future trends, and grasp the various imaginations of learning in our ever changing world.



It is possible to shape the world-By Data.

The world faces many great and terrifying problems. Especially this year. We believe that a key reason why we fail to achieve the progress we are capable of is that we do not make enough use of this existing evidence and data: the important knowledge is often stored in inaccessible databases, locked, buried under jargon in academic papers. The goal of our conference is to make the knowledge on the big problems accessible and understandable.To work towards a better future, we also need to understand how and why the world is changing. Measuring what matters.

We dedicate our lives to Medical, Music and education, we are developing new technologies, we are spending large sums of money on infrastructure and the education of the next generation. If the future wants to be serious about achieving progress, we need to be much more serious about measuring what matters.

Using Data to Understand the World.


Cooperative Partners

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